Dwayne Pittman on Medical Massage Types

Dwayne Pittman Virginia Beach

Dwayne Pittman of Virginia Beach is always thankful for the opportunity to offer medical massages to customers in need. As a massage therapist, Dwayne Pittman loves knowing that his job provides countless people with the pain relief they desperately seek. One of the biggest trends in the massage industry is people being directed to a massage therapist by their Doctor. Medical massage therapy can help in many different ways. Most medical massage therapy techniques will involve deep tissue massage practices, but today, Dwayne Pittman of Virginia Beach will touch on some of the other types of therapies available to patients in need.

As a massage therapist, Dwayne Pittman often uses trigger point therapy during a medical massage. For those unfamiliar with this technique, it refers to a massage practice that focuses on the point of the body where people are experiencing pain. Trigger points will often dictate where pain radiates from in the body. Most trigger points of pain result from muscular imbalances within the body. By correcting muscular imbalances through massage, Dwayne Pittman can provide many of his customers with quick pain relief.

During trigger point therapy, Dwayne Pittman works to reprogram the neuromuscular system. This practice typically results in reduced pain and inflammation in the area.

Dwayne Pittman on Who Should Seek Trigger Point Therapy

  • Those Dealing With a Muscle Injury
  • Those Suffering om Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Those Dealing With a Repetitive Strain Injury

Another form of medical massage is used to treat myofascial pain syndrome and is called Myofascial release therapy. This syndrome causes tightness and sensitivity in the myofascial tissues, which is unfortunate as this tissue is created to support the muscles in the body. Dwayne Pittman and other massage therapists can ease the tension by targeting the areas that are incredibly tight or sensitive.

Most people who deal with myofascial pain syndrome will experience significant pain relief after a massage session, but they do have to schedule frequent visits with a massage therapist to keep the pain to a minimum. For those new to Myofascial release massage therapy, Dwayne Pittman of Virginia Beach notes they should expect the session to start with gentle pressure applied to the muscles where the stiffness is present. A skilled medical massage therapist can locate the area and start stretching and massaging with increased pressure. The masseuse will be able to tell when the tension is gone. A Doctor should be consulted before this type of massage procedure because it can be dangerous for those with soft bones or taking blood-thinning medications.

Finally, Dwayne Pittman of Virginia Beach wanted to discuss lymphatic drainage massages. Doctors prescribe these massages to patients with a lymphatic system blockage. The lymphatic system helps a person avoid infection and can prevent multiple diseases. It is not uncommon for people battling obesity or cancer to have a lymphatic system blockage. People fighting inflammation can utilize a lymphatic drainage massage to clear internal systems that allow liquids to flow more freely.

Those who have this massage technique performed on them can also benefit from removing toxins, reducing bloating, improving the digestive system, and much more. Those who have the massage done should know that it starts with a gentle pressure that only the skin can feel. Dwayne Pittman of Virginia Beach notes that this massage technique will mainly focus on the base of the neck as this will be the location of fluid drainage. Those who understand the proper strokes can work to eliminate extra fluid with the power of massage.

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